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Who’s Protecting Our Kids? Mariella on BBC Panorama

An in-depth insight into the world of the other side of social media

Mariella joins TIMES RADIO

One of Britain's most established broadcasters

Listen now to Mariella’s new podcast series on: #ModernRelationships

Our new podcast series is about bringing clarity to modern relationships

True Tales of Luxury – Sam Mc Knight and Mariella, Episode 1

Sam tells Mariella how he found himself in the vanguard of the most glamorous industry

Listen to the new BBC Sounds Podcast: ‘Books to Live By’ – Mariella and Carlos Acosta

Mariella discovers the favourite books of Cuban ballet sensation Carlos Acosta

Listen to the NEW Podcast with Cate Blanchett!

Mariella visits the home of Oscar winning actor Cate Blanchett

NEW! ‘Books to Live By’ on BBC Sounds

So excited about the imminent realisation of my long cherished dream

BBC Radio 4 – The Landscapes of Don McCullin

Mariella and Don McCullin, photographer, friend and ‘sky stalker’, on the landscape around his Somerset

Mariella talks to Sir Patrick

An unlikely fan of my current show ...

BBC Radio 4 – Open Book, Anthony Cartwright on Iron Towns

The decline of industrial England and a footballer's career

Mariella Frostrup on Gender Matters

It takes both women & men to make an equal society

Five Minutes With: Mariella Frostrup – YouTube

Five minutes with Matthew Stadlen

Drive – Episode 3 – The ITV Hub

It’s pretty terrifying watching yourself in a heavily edited ‘reality’ show

The Agenda with Tom Bradby

Discussing the biggest news stories

The Hay Book Show Ep22

Talking about books

Spitting Image

A 30th Anniversary Celebration

Radio 4 Open Book

Looking at new fiction and non-fiction books, talking to authors and publishers and unearthing lost