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My blog – Friday 21st April 2017 …

In the recent election furore it's all too easy to be deluded

My Sicilian Spa Break

Mariella’s mission was to recharge her batteries while keeping her 11-year-old son occupied!

The Swedish Archipelago

Sweden’s answer to Cowes, on the island of the same name

Drive – Episode 3 – The ITV Hub

It’s pretty terrifying watching yourself in a heavily edited ‘reality’ show

Reminiscing about favourite family trips

Comforting family trips to Connemara, Ireland and Cambodia stand out as my most treasured life

Drive ITV1 9pm

Normally I’d rather have root canal work than watch myself on screen


A breath of fresh air ...

Family Trips Far and Wide!

The world is your oyster ...

Drive ITV

Tonight ITV launch a new ‘reality series’ Drive


The world, it seems, is once again our oyster and Kerala a pearl

Vamizi – Mozambique

We were palpitating with excitement at the natural wonder of the archipelago Vamizi

Escaping On Foot

Some of the world's best adventures are those offered on foot


Cambodia today is clearly on fast forward

Driving Down Memory Lane …

I’ve always liked an epic drive

Norwegian Trip

This tiny Norwegian village is a blueprint for everything a ski resort should be

Intrepid trekker or bad hair day?

Intrepid trekker or bad hair day?

Wild things in the Sahara!

Wild things in the Sahara!