Britain’s Novel Landscapes with Mariella Frostrup, Episode 2 tonight, 10th February at 9pm on More4.

Episode Two – Daphne Du Maurier’s Cornwall


In tonight’s episode, Mariella Frostrup explores Cornwall to discover how its dramatic landscape inspired Daphne Du Maurier to create best sellers such as Rebecca and Jamaica Inn.

She investigates why this author was particularly drawn to the dangers and mysteries of this county that helped her create her eerie tales that also took Hollywood by storm.

Mariella discovers why attacks on Cornwall in World War II gave Du Maurier the idea for The Birds that Hitchcock made into a box office hit.

She ventures to Bodmin Moor to investigate how getting lost here inspired Du Maurier to write a tale of murderous smugglers.

And she also reveals why the fans of Du Maurier’s Rebecca, who visit the places that inspired this novel, are actually going to the wrong locations.

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