Britain’s Novel Landscapes with Mariella Frostrup Episode 4 tonight, 24th February at 9pm on MORE4

Episode Four – The Bronte’s Yorkshire

Mariella Frostrup explores Yorkshire to discover how its dramatic landscape inspired the world-famous Bronte sisters to write some of our best loved novels such as Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre.

She uncovers what life here was really like in Yorkshire for these authors and how accurately their works reflect the harsh realities of the past.

Mariella reveals how a dramatic landslide may be the key to Emily Bronte’s depiction of the moors in Wuthering Heights. She investigates why the Brontës’ hometown of Howarth had such a high rate of child mortality that inspired novels like Jane Eyre.

Mariella also unearths why the Bronte sisters were so afraid of violent attack that they slept with a gun in the house.

In the rectory that they grew up in, Mariella also explores how all three sisters managed to become successful writers and why they felt compelled to hide their real identities for so long.

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