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Cracking The Menopause receives more publicity this week …

The MHRA has launched a public consultation

Come and see Mariella & Alice at The Henley Literary Festival, Sunday 10th October, 10am

Mariella shares her own journey with her trademark wisdom and humour

Who’s Protecting Our Kids? Mariella on BBC Panorama

An in-depth insight into the world of the other side of social media

My blog – Friday 21st April 2017 …

In the recent election furore it's all too easy to be deluded

Men having babies at 64 – Why shouldn’t women?

I don’t think there needs to be an age cut-off point when it comes to

My thoughts of the scrapping of History of Art A-level

Last week the UK lost it’s History of Art A-level

My policy is the minute they ask about them, you admit.

In a candid interview in The Mail on Sunday’s Event magazine today

This week the Brexit debate came to town!

With polemic raging on both sides it’s simply a principle we are arguing ...

Mariella Frostrup on Gender Matters

It takes both women & men to make an equal society

Development Act

You can’t have development without gender equality

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards

A youth awards programme founded in 1956 by Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

Art Room Speech

Giving young people a platform and the skills needed to articulate their feelings

Sexey’s Speech Day

One of the most important skills you’ll need to learn, in a world on information

Why Gender Matters

The route to gender equality has too often been painted as a battle between men

Millions of Women Benefit from….

The Private Members Bill on Gender Equality in International Development was passed