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Ahh January, the month when bars and restaurants empty …

I’m on the craziest mission of all

An Evening with Mariella…….

In conversation with Emma Craigie

Mariella and Hillary

Mariella interviewed Hillary Rodham Clinton at the Cheltenham Literary Festival

BBC Radio 4 – The Landscapes of Don McCullin

Mariella and Don McCullin, photographer, friend and ‘sky stalker’, on the landscape around his Somerset

My blog – Friday 21st April 2017 …

In the recent election furore it's all too easy to be deluded

Men having babies at 64 – Why shouldn’t women?

I don’t think there needs to be an age cut-off point when it comes to

Cookery Books

My mother had two cookery books ...

Film 2016 BBC 1

Over a career spanning 25 years ...

My thoughts of the scrapping of History of Art A-level

Last week the UK lost it’s History of Art A-level

The Swedish Archipelago

Sweden’s answer to Cowes, on the island of the same name

Worthy Farm Glastonbury 2016 … in the mud!

The five-day festival of contemporary performing arts

My policy is the minute they ask about them, you admit.

In a candid interview in The Mail on Sunday’s Event magazine today

This week the Brexit debate came to town!

With polemic raging on both sides it’s simply a principle we are arguing ...

Black Cow Vodka from Dorset

I never thought I’d find myself working purely for booze ...

Cannes Festival

Most of my favourite adventures have taken place there

Presently Reading / Watching …

This week I can't put down ...

As a woman who welcomes warm weather …

I may not be a fan of the killer heel but I do love dressing

BBC Radio 4 – Open Book, Anthony Cartwright on Iron Towns

The decline of industrial England and a footballer's career

Dear Mariella: An Indispensable Guide to Twenty-First-Century Living

How to buy an Indispensable Guide to Twenty-First Living

Mariella Frostrup on Gender Matters

It takes both women & men to make an equal society

Selfish Mother in support of Yazidi Women

An inspiring charity whose mission is to support the Yazidi community

Five Minutes With: Mariella Frostrup – YouTube

Five minutes with Matthew Stadlen

The Soho Theatre Gala 2016 at the Vinyl Factory, March 10th 2016

The Fundraising Gala was an exclusive evening

I Feel I’m Not Doing Enough

Let me reorder your list of worries

Drive – Episode 3 – The ITV Hub

It’s pretty terrifying watching yourself in a heavily edited ‘reality’ show

Reminiscing about favourite family trips

Comforting family trips to Connemara, Ireland and Cambodia stand out as my most treasured life

Drive ITV1 9pm

Normally I’d rather have root canal work than watch myself on screen

Swedish Woman

This summer, I met a woman in Sweden


A breath of fresh air ...

Family Trips Far and Wide!

The world is your oyster ...

Development Act

You can’t have development without gender equality

Drive ITV

Tonight ITV launch a new ‘reality series’ Drive

How to be Fifty

I’d rather be dead than sing Satisfaction when I’m 45” said Mick Jagger

The Agenda with Tom Bradby

Discussing the biggest news stories